‘American Idol’ Singer Gets Voted Off

Add a comment March 30th, 2012  

‘American Idol’ Singer Gets Voted Off, Heejun Han sings one last timeIf there was ever an “American Idol” week when the Judges’ Save seemed likely to be used, this week seemed like the one, since Wednesday’s top nine show was the best episode of Season 11–and possibly one of the best in “Idol” history.

Really, anyone had a good chance of being saved–except Heejun Han, who, despite redeeming himself with his finest (and most serious) performance of the season this week, was still arguably the weakest vocalist left in the very competitive top nine. And thus, when Heejun ended up being the contestant with the least votes on this Thursday’s results show, the Save was not used, and he became the fourth finalist to go home this season.

Heejun belted his lungs out when it came time to sing for the Judges’ Save, reprising this week’s “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway and performing it with perhaps even more heart and soul this time around. But it seemed like payback time: Steven Tyler, who, despite being the panel’s wackiest judge, had expressed uncharacteristically stern-faced dissatisfaction with Heejun’s hokey, jokey “My Life” performance last week, told Heejun the news of his dismissal with all the coldness of the Fox Network’s Dr. House delivering a damning diagnosis.

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