American Idol Winner 2012

Add a comment May 24th, 2012  

American Idol Winner 2012, Idol expert Richard Rushfield boldy predicted hours before the Wednesday ‘s American Idol finale that Jessica SanchezJessica Sanchez can’t win the idol because, as he pointed out in ABCNews, “that for the past four years, America has handed the Idol title to a cute dude who plays the guitar — a trend that Idol pundits call the “White guy with a guitar” or “WGWG” factor.”

In the end, it was the ‘white guy with a guitar’ that won America’s hearts, as Philip Phillips beat out Jessica Sanchez to take the crown as “American Idol winner” for its 11th season.

American Idol judges Randy JacksonRandy Jackson, Steven TylerSteven Tyler and pop diva Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez gave Phillips the only standing ovation on last night’s American Idol finale in his winning song single “Home” featured intricate guitar strumming, picking with catchy marching beat.

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