DWTS 2011 Cast

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DWTS 2011 CastDWTS 2011 Cast, Although the official announcement isn’t due until tonight, it looks like the new Dancing With the Stars season 13 cast list may have leaked online. We can’t absolutely verify the authenticity of this list, but it is the pretty standard mix of obscure, weird and WTH that we know and love. So it just might actually be all true!
The full list of ‘celebrities’ for the new DWTS season is:

Nancy Grace
Kristin Cavalleri
Ricki Lake
Chynna Phillips
Hope Solis
Elizabetta Canalis
David Arquette
Rob Kardashian
Ryan O’Neal
J.R. Martinez
Chaz Bono
Ron Artest

Nancy Grace? Really? Don’t I have to be tortured by this woman enough, now she is invading one of my favorite reality shows? Her presence on this list is really the one strong reason I hope it is false!

As for Chaz Bono (formerly Chastity Bono), he will hold a unique place in Dancing With the Stars history if he is indeed competing. He’ll be the first transgendered contestant and will reportedly compete with a female partner.

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