‘Game Change’ Star Julianne Moore Calls Palin ‘Unqualified’

Add a comment February 25th, 2012  

‘Game Change’ Star Julianne Moore Calls Palin ‘Unqualified’, Julianne Moore, who has been cast as Sarah Palin in HBO’s new movie “Game Change,” has revealed that politics and Hollywood aren’t so different.

The actress also commented on the political aspects of her role, suggesting that not only was Palin unqualified to be America’s next Vice President, she had a lack of interest in governing altogether.

“Game Change” will premiere on HBO March 10 and with it is likely to come renewed controversy over Sarah Palin. The film will focus on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign in which Palin was select as prospective Vice President.

Julianne Moore, who played Palin, recently spoke of her role to Capitol File magazine.

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