George Bush Documentary

Add a comment April 27th, 2012  

George Bush Documentary, Unlike most presidents, George H.W. Bush has not published a memoir since leaving office. That’s about to change, sort of: On June 14 — just two days after Bush celebrates his 88th birthday — the HBO documentary “41” will debut.

Written and directed by Jeffrey Roth and produced by Jerry Weintraub, “41” — named as such because Bush was the 41st president — will detail the former president’s Zelig-like personal life. Bush served in World War II, was U.S. envoy to China, the director of the CIA and Vice President of the United States. Still, don’t think “41” is strictly political.

“This is not a political documentary,” Weintraub told HuffPost Entertainment. “This is a documentary about the man and his family and where he came from. He’s 88 years old on June 12. It’s a great time in his life to do something like this and it’s in his words.”

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