Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

Add a comment May 27th, 2012  

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary, It’s a Golden Gate Weekend in the Golden State. There are parades, county fairs, memorial services and outdoor barbecues in Patch communities all over the Bay Area, but nothing matches the Memorial Day Weekend activities at Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday, May 27. The 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Bridge’s completion dates from the week long bridge-opening celebration that began on May 27, 1937. At the next big celebration 50 years later, the center span of the bridge looked in danger of collapsing when it sank seven feet under the weight of celebrating pedestrians.

This year, as every year, most of the concerned is over the weather. Thuderstorms, rainfall and cooler weather is supposed to hit San Francisco over the weekend, but hopefully clearing by Saturday afternoon. Which should leave clear skies ahead for the Bridge’s birthday party – hopefully free of the seasonal foggy gloom.

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