Hilton’s New Track May Be The Worst Song Ever [UPDATED]

Add a comment February 25th, 2012  

Hilton’s New Track May Be The Worst Song Ever [UPDATED], Paris Hilton’s endless disposable income has struck again. In her attempts to break out on the music scene, Hilton has released a new track titled “Drunk Text.” Hilton opts for a throbbing techno beat as the backdrop for spoken-word lyrics reliving a drama-filled night out at the club.

Things starts off with, “I went to the club the other night/ duh, you know, to dance with my b***hes” before proceeding into an explanation of what “sexting” is and why it’s bad to do it if you’re drunk. If you really want to endure what will feel like the longest four minutes ever, be our guest.

UPDATED: Reps for Paris Hilton and Manufactured Superstars, the team behind the pulsing techno beat, tell msnNOW that the song isn’t from Hilton’s upcoming album and was, in fact, an unauthorized leak of an unfinished track the heiress did as a favor more than a year ago.

According to Manufactured Superstars, “This is an unfinished rough-cut, which was not ready for release. We’re looking into what happened and removing the illegal copies from the web. We’ve heard some songs from her new record which are incredible and are really going to surprise people.”

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