How To Get Financial Aid

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How To Get Financial Aid, Escalating substantially, the cost of college looms over students and parents as students determine what their options are for the future. Rather than letting the cost of college deter students from applying to certain schools, students can seek out another another option: financial aid.

Students who are going to apply for either financial aid or work study in college to get a Federal Student Aid Free Application, or FAFSA, by going online and filling out a profile to help colleges understand the needs of their family, said College and Career Center Director Sandra Brod.

Brod said although every student may not get financial aid in dollars, they can qualify for a work study program, which is a certain amount of hours per week that they can earn money on campus. Students cannot get federal work study jobs unless they have filled out a FAFSA, so parents and students should always fill it out, unless their kids will not have to work while going to school, Brod said.

Private schools may also ask for the College Scholarship Service, or CSS, Profile, along with a FAFSA, Brod said.

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