Howard Stern Kathie Lee Gifford

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Howard Stern Kathie Lee Gifford, Howard Stern dropped a bomb on air Monday morning, announcing that his fifteen year feud with Kathie Lee Gifford is over. Stern and Gifford came face to face backstage at Stern’s appearance on the TODAY show Thursday morning. Gifford is the co-host for the morning talk show’s fourth hour, and Stern was giving a promotional interview for America’s Got Talent to Matt Lauer.

Stern gave his satellite radio listeners exclusive details on his run-in with the woman he once publicly blackmailed with her husband Frank’s sex tape: “She came over and said hello to me .I realized, I was sitting there talking to he. I go: ‘You know, I don’t have any anger towards Kathie Lee anymore’. When I was younger, I had such anger towards certain people and I think I know why.

Maybe at one point I was just angry and general, and angry at media and angry at anyone who played by the rules She put her hand and she goes: ‘Hi. I just wanted to say hello.’ And I said ‘I’m really glad you did.’ We talked for a couple of seconds they whisked me over to a couch so I went home that night and I said to my wife Wow. It was really ballsy of Kathie Lee to come up to me in front of everybody at NBC on the TODAY show.”

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