IPhone Combusts On Flight

Add a comment November 29th, 2011  

IPhone Combusts On Flight, There are plenty of “no smoking” signs plastered throughout airplane cabins, but that didn’t stop one iPhone from self-combusting on a flight heading from Lismore to Sydney recently. No one was hurt, but quite a few folks are likely to be glancing at their mobile devices with some fear now.

According to Regional Express, one of Australia’s largest independent regional airlines, the incident occurred on Nov. 25. Regional Express flight ZL319 was en route to Sydney when a passenger’s iPhone “started emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow.”

A flight attendant reportedly followed “standard safety procedures” right away and the red glow was extinguished. The incident was reported to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the device was handed over to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau for analysis.

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