Julia Bluhm And Seventeen Protest

Add a comment May 3rd, 2012  

Julia Bluhm And Seventeen Protest, Julia Bluhm, an eighth-grader from Waterville, Maine, is tired of seeing airbrushed, photoshopped girls in her favorite magazine. So, she decided to challenge Seventeen. Trying to make an impact, she created a petition on Change.org entitled “Seventeen Magazine: Give Girls Images of Real Girls!” She feels that all girls have the right to feel appreciated and accepted.

In her petition, she states that the media has created an impossible to obtain image for girls. She states, “Those “pretty women” that we see in magazines are fake. They’re often photoshopped, air-brushed, edited to look thinner, and to appear like they have perfect skin. A girl you see in a magazine probably looks a lot different in real life.” Through her petition, Bluhm is challenging Seventeen to publish one unaltered photo spread each month. Currently, the petition has 36,665 signatures. The petition has been up since April 19th.

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