Matthew Fox

Add a comment August 29th, 2011  

Matthew FoxMatthew Fox, Actor Matthew Fox looked fit and sober the evening he allegedly hit a female bus driver in a drunken altercation in Cleveland. In a picture taken with fan George Mossey on the same night that the former “Lost” lead was arrested, he smiles alongside Mossey and a toddler. Another picture shows Fox with Mossey’s son Brandon in front of a hotel.

Mossey, who has several pictures of himself with music and television personalities online, wrote on his Twitter account Monday, “@RachelNichols1 I do not believe that story about Matthew Fox assulting that woman Saturday night. I saw him that night. He was fine. smh”

According to a police report obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the actor attempted to hitch a ride to his hotel aboard a private party bus. The driver, a 29-year-old female, blocked the entrance and informed Fox that he could not board, as the bus had been rented out.

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