One Direction Koala Chlamydia

Add a comment April 25th, 2012  

One Direction Koala Chlamydia, One Direction member Liam Payne said he fears catching koala chlamydia after cuddling a koala that peed on him. Having a koala urinate on you isn’t pleasant — especially if it puts you at risk of getting chlamydia. That’s the fear recently faced by Liam Payne and Harry Styles, members of the popular boy band One Direction.

The band is currently touring Australia and New Zealand and, as part of their visit, Payne and Styles each cuddled with a 3-year-old koala named Kat. But during the encounter, Kat answered nature’s call and whizzed right on them, according to

That was bad enough, but the two teen idols, both 18, worried they saw their lives flashing before their eyes when they learned that 80 percent of koalas reportedly have chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease whose effects include severe conjunctivitis (or “pink eye”), incontinence, prostatitis and kidney damage, according to AOL News.

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