Peyton Manning $200 Tip for waiter

Add a comment May 21st, 2012  

Peyton Manning $200 Tip for waiter, It’s no secret that Colts fans are going to miss Peyton Manning. But perhaps there is another segment of the Indianapolis population who might miss him even more: waiters and waitresses. According to a photograph of a receipt from the Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina, Manning recently left a $200 tip for a $739.58 tab that already included 18% gratuity. The receipt was dated 3/2/12. Earlier that day Manning had been surreptitiously filmed going through throwing drills on the nearby campus of Duke University.

If Manning has consistently been this generous during his 14 years with the Colts then he has perhaps been every bit as beloved by those dispensing beverages and meals in Indianapolis as those folks consuming them at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Deadspin discovered a photo of the receipt on the message board of an NHL Hockey Forum in a thread entitled OT: this just in – Peyton Manning – NOT a cheap b*****d. The image had been posted by someone with the handle Bizzle McDizzle, who claimed to be a “friend of a friend” of the waiter who served Manning’s group.

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