Rikuchu Kaigan National Park

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Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, Rikuchu- Kaigan National Park is a national park in the Tohoku region of Honshu- in northern Japan. The park extends for 180 kilometers from north to south along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean from northern Miyagi prefecture to northern Iwate prefecture. The park was created on May 2, 1955, and covers a land area of 121.98 square kilometers.

The entire coastline is noted for examples of sea erosion, with numerous rock pillars and islands. The northern coast is an example of an uplifted coastline, and is an area which has been subject to several strong earthquakes and tsunami in recent history. The southern coast is an example of a ria coastline of submerged river valleys, with deep inlets and narrow peninsulas, forming many small bays and coves.


Flora includes groves of Japanese red pine, rhododendrons and Rosa rugosa. Fauna includes numerous bird species, including the Black-tailed Gull and shearwater. In terms of larger animals, there have also been sightings of the kamoshika.

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