Salton Sea Drying Up?

Add a comment April 26th, 2012  

Salton Sea Drying Up?, The Salton Sea is shrinking rapidly, and a recent California Supreme Court ruling could intensify its decline. Last month the California Supreme Court upheld a water transfer deal that sends billions of gallons of water each year from Imperial Valley farmland in southern California to residents of San Diego County. It will cut off the agricultural runoff that replenishes the Salton Sea, and could cause the lake to dry up entirely in a matter of years.

The Salton Sea was first created by a flood in 1905. It isn’t really a sea, but a lake that covers more than 500 square miles. The Salton Sea has been on the decline in recent years. The salinity concentration is higher than that of the Pacific Ocean because the Salton Sea has no outlet. The drying of the Salton Sea could release harmful elements like selenium and arsenic from the lakebed, which could spread toxic dust clouds across southern California.

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