Sean Leonard Shannon Moore

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Sean Leonard Shannon Moore, Shannon Moore, far left, and Sean Leonard celebrate catching a ball tossed into the stands during Wednesday’s Rangers-Yankees game as 3-year-old Cameron Shores cries.

The father of a little boy who broke down at a Texas Rangers game after not getting a ball tossed into the stands said the couple who got the souvenir was unfairly demonized by a Yankees broadcaster.

Kyle Shores’ three-year-old son Cameron had his heart set on the ball tossed to the crowd by Rangers first basemen Mitch Moreland during the eighth inning of Wednesday’s game against the visiting New York Yankees. When Sean Leonard, who was sitting nearby with his fiancee, Shannon Moore, ended up with the ball, Cameron’s waterworks began. That caught the attention of Yankees play-by-play man Michael Kay, who lambasted the couple – who have seven kids of their own – on air, calling them “greedy.”

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