Steven Thorpe Brain Dead

Add a comment April 25th, 2012  

Steven Thorpe Brain Dead, Steven Thorpe, 17, declared legally brain dead by four specialists after a car accident, was set to have his life support machine turned off when a miraculous turn of events took place. After being in a coma for two weeks with supposedly no hope of recovery he suddenly awoke from his coma, and has left doctors astonished and amazed.
Thorpe was traveling in a Range Rover in Warwickshire, England when a horse ran out in front of the car. The other boy in the vehicle was immediately killed, and Thorpe was left with serious injuries to his face, head and arms. Two days later doctors declared him legally brain dead.

“The doctors were telling my parents that they wanted to take me off the life support. The words they used to my parents were, ‘You need to start thinking about organ donations.'” Thorpe told the Daily Mail.

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